Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fishing in Konkan - Fishing Business

Harnai beach is situated 15km from the dapoli. The beach is good & clean and very important good for fishing. Also Its good for picnic spot. Most people visit the places from Pune and Mumbai. People enjoy the good sea food.

Harnai is a main fishing village. Every evening many fishing boats comes at the port after catching fish. This fish are sold in the marked or traders. Business of lakhs are done daily. Fishes such as kingfish, pomfret, lobsters and sting rays with varieties of other sea creatures.


Friday, 9 November 2012

Famous Non Veg Food in Konkan Chiplun

Dont miss this hotels when you visit konkan chiplun. Some of the famous hotels for non-veg & sea food are listed below. So come and enjoy the lifestyle of konkan food.

Hotel Abhishek

Hotel Omega

Hotel Rajanigandha

Hotel Chintamani

Pagoda Resort

Hotel Shalom International

Hotel Madhura

Bhairi Bhawani - Shringarpur Konkan

Please check photo of kuldaiwat Shree Bhairi Bhawani! Keep your blessings on us. Uday Uday bhairi bhawani!


Thursday, 8 November 2012

Scuba Diving in Konkan

Scuba Diving in Konkan:

If you are interested in adventure. Konkan is the best place. Because of some of the famous beaches in konkan. In recent time there are few beaches, where you can enjoy scuba diving under the water. The king of the beaches TARKALI Beach which is also famous now for scuba diving, many people from all over India comes here to full fill there passion of scuba diving.

The water over here is transparently clear and everything is visible under the sea. Once can explore the under water creatures. It is great experience. There are many Hotels in Tarkarli, the hotel provides the packages for this sports and as well as some site scenes.

Visit the websites for more details:

konkan scuba diving

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Beaches in Konkan Coast

If we ask anyone about the beaches in India, they will always say GOA. Goa is having a great beaches that is why everyone across the globe like to spend time in Goa.

But today i will explore some of the great & clean beaches at the konkan coast. All these beaches are good for a picnic spots. [Not for drinking alcohol]

The sea water is nice and clean, as konkan is my home town. I have visited many of the below beaches which i have mentioned below. I love to spend time in konkan. Check below list of cool beaches in Konkan.


Alibaug Beach


harihareshwar beach


Kihim konkan beach


ganpatipule beach


kashid konkan beach


Revdana beach



Shrivardhan beach


Diveghar beach

Sunday, 4 November 2012


कोंकणात सर्व काही हिरवे गार वातावरण आहे .तेथील नारळाची मोठी मोठी झाडे सर्वाचे मन आनंदी करून टाकतात .कोकणातील समुद्र किनारा अगदी शुब्र निळा आकाश सारखा वाटतो.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Konkan Life Style

This blog is created for sharing the life style in konkan & why konkan greenery attracts us.

Konkan is specially know for the mangoes "happus amba". The famous mangoes of konkan are distributed in India and as well as they are exported in abroad countries. The main reason for the success of mangoes in konkan is due to the good weather and suitable land.

Konkan mostly divided into small villages. Konkan is also well know for the festivals of holi, dassera and ganapati. During this festivals days all people are gathered in there own villages to celebrate the festivals.
Konkan map
konkan railway
Konkan railway

konkan railway
Konkan railway